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These Are The Days Of Our Lives, 1991.

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A tribute to Weird Al’s albums covers. Done by the animation team behind Al’s new video Mission Statement; TrueScribeVideos

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If you want to overcome the whole world, overcome yourself.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Demons


Just finished reading the novel. Shocking, surprising and powerful!

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From the BBC’s When Albums Ruled the World.

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Bruce is the best stripper ever!

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Seen at target.

naughty-bruce brucespringsteenfuckyeah tal-chan johnnycashaddiction thatmusicguy8 paragonish runlikebruce hungry-for-bruce plus whoever I forgot. Reblog and tag em. I’m gonna make this and eat it in honor of the tumblr bruce fandom, my fave community ever, love you all!!!!

Haha Awesome ! I want to see the cake now !

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Who is happy? I am!

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Bruce Springsteen: just your average 64 year old